PerfectFit Premium Car Cover for Cayman Race Cars


Premium race car cover, designed specifically for Porsche Cayman race cars equipped with 63'' Carbon Fiber wing and Full Height Aluminum Wing Uprights.

Made of Superweave fabric that provides premium outdoor, all-weather storage protection; Superweave is UV, water and weather resistant, featuring unsurpassed moisture, dust and pollutant protection. The encapsulation technology goes INSIDE the fabric, around the fibers, resulting in a silky smooth finish that glides over fine paint finishes.
Superweave car cover fabric is also dust-proof so it will keep the vehicle clean whether it is stored indoors or out. It still remains exceptionally breathable, allowing moisture, condensation and heat to easily escape from under the car cover. When rain hits the cover it simply runs right off and any moisture left on the cover will usually dry in about 10 minutes. Unique lightweight design enables it to fold up to 1/3 the size of typical outdoor car cover (about the size of a sweatshirt or jacket), but does not take away from its ability to protect your automobile's finish. The material is also easy to care, washer and dryer safe.

Light Grey color for best UV rays protection.

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